ZAREBSKI Krzysztof (1939)

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Opis pozycji
Estymacje: 1 400 - 1 600 EUR
« Hey, Boys (With M.) 3 », 2012
Série 1973-2012
Technique mixte (cadres du film 16mm, B&W
silent, photographie, miroir), 46 x 24 cm.
Exemplaire unique.
Signé et daté au dos, encadrée
Aukcja Dzieł Sztuki (w tym Polskiej) i Antyków w Maisons-Laffitte
19 grudnia 2015
Cena wywoławcza
1 200 EUR
1 400 - 1 600 EUR
Cena sprzedaży
brak ofert
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Enchères Maisons-Laffitte

Aukcja Dzieł Sztuki (w tym Polskiej) i Antyków w Maisons-Laffitte
19 grudnia 2015
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Enchères Maisons-Laffitte is an auction house specialised in moveable property governed.
It acts as the seller’s agent. The auctioneer is not a party to the sale agreement, which is solely binding on the seller and the successful bidder.

These general terms and conditions of sale, the sale and all matters relating thereto are governed by French law; the sellers, buyers and their agents accept that the courts of Paris (France) alone shall have jurisdiction over any legal action.
These general terms and conditions are independent.
Purchases must be made in cash and prices are stated in euros (€).

The seller warrants to us and to the buyer that he/she is the undisputed owner of the items offered for sale or that he/she has been authorised by the undisputed owner, that the said items are not encumbered by any claim, dispute, attachment, reservation or pledge and that he/she can legally transfer ownership of these items.
The information included in the catalogue is prepared by the auction house with the assistance of the Expert, if necessary, with the care required for public auctions, subject to the notices, declarations and amendments announced upon presentation of the item and noted in the record of sale.
This information, including the dimensions set out in the catalogue, is provided to help the potential buyer inspect items and must be assessed personally by him/her. If no information on restoration, an accident, retouching or any other incident is provided in the catalogue, the condition reports or labels or during a verbal announcement, this does not mean that the item is void of defects.
Inasmuch as buyers are given the opportunity to examine works displayed prior to the sale, no claim may be made after the sale is complete. 
We do not guarantee the operation of watches and clocks.

The estimated sale price appears beside each lot included in the catalogue. It does not include the buyer’s premium or VAT.
The reserve price is the minimum confidential price agreed with the seller. If the reserve price is not met, the item will not be sold. The reserve price may not exceed the lowest estimate set out in the catalogue or announced publicly by the accredited auctioneer and noted in the auction house’s files.
If no reserve price is set, the auction house shall not incur any liability vis-à-vis the seller if the item concerned is sold at a price lower than the lowest estimate published in the sale catalogue.

Absentee bid forms may be submitted using the special form provided at the end of the catalogue. 
This form must be sent to us no later than two working days before the sale, together with a bank account identification slip (“RIB”) and a copy of the bidder’s proof of identity. For significant purchases, a buyer may be asked to provide a bank letter of credit.
If several absentee bid forms are submitted for the same item, the first order received will take priority.
Telephone bids may be placed by clients who cannot attend the auction. To this end, the client must return the above-mentioned form to us under the same conditions. Telephone bidding can only be arranged for lots with sale estimates over €200.
As there are only a limited number of telephone lines, the necessary arrangements must be made at least two working days before the auction.
In both cases, this is a service graciously provided free of charge to the client.
Enchères Maisons-Laffitte, its employees, agents and representatives shall not incur any liability in the event of an error or omission in the execution of orders received or the non execution of orders.

Auctions will be carried out following the order of the lot numbers as they appear in the catalogue. The auctioneer is free to set the increment of each bid and all bidders must adhere to this process. The highest and last bidder will be the successful bidder.
In the event of a dispute during the bidding process, that is, if two or more bidders simultaneously place the same bid, either orally or by a signal, and each claim the item concerned when the auctioneer has declared the item “sold”, the said item will be re-auctioned immediately at the price offered by the bidders and all those present may take part in this second auction.
Any individual who makes a bid during the sale shall be deemed to be doing so in his/her own name; he/she shall assume full responsibility for his/her bid.
In the event the seller sets a reserve price, the auctioneer reserves the right to propose bids on the seller’s behalf until such time as the reserve is met.
Amounts payable by the buyer
The buyer must pay , in addition to the “hammer price”, commission of 18% excl. tax , VAT shall be charged at the rate of 21,6%.
Payment must be made immediately after the sale.
It may be made by one of the following methods:

  • - Bank transfer in euros,
  • - Visa card or Master Card (subject to the presentation of valid profff of identity),
  • - In cash in euros : for individual european union resident, and for all professionals, to an equal or lower amount of €3 000.
  • - In cash in euros : for individual only and non european union resident, to an equal or lower amount of €15 000.
  • - Certified banker’s draft in euros subject to the presentation of valid proof of identity.

Cheques drawn on a foreign bank will not be accepted. 
Cheques and bank transfers must be denominated in euros and made out to the order of Enchères Maisons-Laffitte

3, place de Clichy, 75008 Paris, France
Code banque : 30066
Code guichet : 10221
Compte : 00020125801
Clé RIB : 63
IBAN : FR76 3006 6102 2100 0201 2580 163

Buyers may only take possession of items sold after we have received full payment of the sale price and the related commission and costs.
As soon as an item is pronounced “sold”, it shall be placed under the sole responsibility of the buyer. 
It shall be the buyer’s responsibility to insure the item purchased immediately.
If the successful bidder fails to pay for an item after the issuance of a formal demand that remains without effect, the item shall be re-auctioned at the seller’s request. If the price of the new bid is lower than the original false bidder’s price, the false bidder shall pay the difference. If the seller does not make such a request within one month of the auction, the sale shall be cancelled by operation of law, without prejudice to the damages payable by the false bidder.

We reserve the right to claim the following from the false bidder:

  • - interest at the statutory rate,
  • - the reimbursement of the additional costs incurred by reason of his/her default,
  • - payment of the sale price or:
  • - the difference between this price and the resale price if the latter is lower, as well as the costs incurred in relation with the re-auction.
  • - the difference between this price and the original false bidder’s price if the latter is lower, as well as the costs incurred by the re-auction.

We reserve the right to ban any bidder who fails to comply with its general terms and conditions of sale from attending any future auction.
French State’s right of pre-emption
The French State has a right of pre-emption in respect of certain works of art offered at auction. If the State wishes to exercise this right in respect of a sale, it must express its intention to do so within 15 days of the sale. In this case, the State shall be substituted for the last highest bidder.
Import and export
The import and export of goods may be subject to authorisation (export certificates, customs authorisations). It is the buyer’s responsibility to check which authorisations are required.

When a buyer asks us to ship his lots, we do our best to wrap and pack them. But we can't be held liable if, despite of our efforts, an object was damaged during the transport.


  1. Aukcja prowadzona jest w walucie euro.
  2. Aukcjoner określa postąpienie w licytacji czyli podwyższenie stawki.
  3. Aukcjoner ma prawo do wycofywania z licytacji dowolnych obiektów bez podawania przyczyn.
  4. Nabywcą staje się osoba oferująca najwyższą cenę. Zobowiązuje się ona do podania danych osobistych w formie Nazwiska i adresu.
  5. Zakończenie licytacji danego obiektu następuje w momencie uderzenia młotkiem przez Aukcjonera i jest równoznaczne z zawarciem umowy sprzedaży. Spory w trakcie licytacji rozstrzyga Aukcjoner.
  6. Do wylicytowanej ceny doliczana jest opłata organizacyjna w wysokości 21,6% (18% + VAT). Opłata obowiązuje również w sprzedaży poaukcyjnej.


  1. Obiekty wystawione do sprzedaży posiadają opisy, których sporządzenie potwierdzone jest przez ekspertów domu aukcyjnego. Dom Aukcyjny daje gwarancję opinii co do autorstwa i innych cech obiektu opisanych w katalogu. W przypadku niezgodności pomiędzy opisem a stanem faktycznym Nabywca może zwrócić obiekt w terminie 14 dni od daty aukcji żądając zwrotu zapłaconej kwoty. Zakwestionowanie opisu katalogowego musi być udokumentowane wiarygodnymi ekspertyzami.
  2. Dom Aukcyjny zaleca bezpośrednie zapoznanie się ze stanem faktycznym oferowanych na aukcji obiektów. Ilustracje obiektów w katalogu aukcyjnym służą do celów informacyjnych i identyfikacyjnych. W tym celu sa one wystawione przed aukcja.
  3. Dom Aukcyjny nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za ukryte wady fizyczne i prawne zakupionych obiektów.


  1. Nabywca jest zobowiązany wykupić obiekt w ciągu 15 dni po zakończeniu aukcji i odebrać go na własny koszt. W przypadku przekroczenia tego terminu Dom Aukcyjny ma prawo naliczyć składowe.
  2. Na prośbę nabywcy, Dom Aukcyjny może zapakować i wysłać obiekt Poczta czy innym sposobem transportu.
  3. Dom Aukcyjny nie odpowiada za szkody wyrządzone w trakcie takiego transportu.


  1. Osoby, które nie mogą być osobiście na aukcji, mogą:
    • zostawić zlecenie
    • brać telefonicznie udział w licytacji
    • licytować na żywo za pośrednictwem internetu
  2. Dom Aukcyjny przyjmuje pisemne zlecenia wysłane e-mailem, najpóźniej 24 godziny przed aukcja. Realizuje je bez dodatkowych kosztów.

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