Политика конфиденциальности

This Privacy Policy describes how OneBid uses personal information about you as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation. You will also find here information about your rights in relation to personal data processing. The Privacy Policy applies to all OneBid Users and visitors to our website who may or may not be existing Users.

Protection of your personal data is our utmost priority. We would like to ensure you that we manage your data with due diligence and consideration, in particular with reference to the provisions on personal data protection.

Your personal data and how it is used

1. Our services

The services provided by OneBid include the following: online live auctions, maintaining internet galleries, presenting suggested selected items directly to you.

What data is processed in connection with the services we provide?
Contact information; shipping information; invoicing data; internet data; information about your User account; data collected in connection with your visit to our website.

What information do we have access to?
For the purpose of the "Recommended" function we process information about bids you won and about lots you were interested in but did not win. We also process your data to inform you about the current status of your orders.

How long do we keep your data?
To ensure the quality of services provided we store your personal information until you delete your User account. Data collected due to your visit to our website is processed up to 36 months from the date of collection.

Do we share your data?
Pursuant to currently binding provisions on the protection of personal data, we can disclose your data to the following entities (including those outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area):

  • Auction Houses and Galleries: within the scope necessary to register your participation in auctions, the bidding process and to fulfil your orders. Auction Houses that organize their auctions with OneBid can also ask Auction Houses listed by you in your References to verify the history of your accounts in their data bases.
  • Third Parties: within the scope permitted by certain binding legal provisions we can share your data with trusted third parties in connection with the fulfilment of our services, e.g. marketing agencies, entities providing postal or courier services, payment institutions.

Where we disclose your data to third parties we demand confidentiality and security over the information provided and that this information is used exclusively to provide the service required.

Legal basis for the processing of the abovementioned personal data:
Legally justifiable interest of OneBid.

2. To create your customer profile

We build your customer profile in order to improve the quality of service we provide and to best match marketing offers to your individual needs. We can do this by profiling, i.e. offering you items that match your interests.

How do we create your customer profile?
We analyse information about your User account and the items that are of interest to you and use this information to present suggested selected items to you. When you visit our website, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect data about users’ activities.

Your customer profile is built based on the following data categories:
Contact information; information about your account; data collected when visiting our internet pages.

You can object if you do not wish to have your customer profile created for direct marketing purposes. At any time you can decide whether you want to receive marketing information from us by either giving or withdrawing your consent. Detailed information about how to object and manage your permissions can be found in the Data Management section.

What information can we access?
In order to create a customer profile we process information on biddings won by you and items you were interested in but did not win.

How long do we store your data for?
Unless instructed otherwise we remove your customer profile once your account is deleted.

Do we disclose your data?
Your customer profile is not disclosed, neither do we sell your data to any third parties.

Legal basis for the processing of the abovementioned personal data:
Legally justifiable interest of OneBid.

3. For analytical purposes

We combine your data with information about other Users to make analyses and reports which help us optimise our services. This information allows us to better customise our services and assist in the further development of our website.

What data is used to prepare combined reports?
Information about your User account; information about your interests; information from our website.

Do we share your data?
Your statistical data is disclosed to respective Auction Houses but exclusively within your activity in a given Auction House. We may also share statistical data with third parties, however if we do so it is only in an aggregated form, i.e. without the possibility to identify your particular information.

Legal basis for the processing of the abovementioned personal data:
Legally justifiable interest of OneBid.

4. To execute an online payment

Transaction data, including personal information, may be passed over to PayLane Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk at ul. Norwida 4, 80-280, KRS: 0000227278 within the scope necessary to process payment for an order. A User has the right to access their personal information and to correct it. Provision of data is voluntary but at the same time indispensable to use of our service.

5. To perform our statutory obligations

We may be legally obliged to disclose your personal information, including that which may be considered a trade secret, upon the request from authorised bodies, courts and prosecutors. This data may be disclosed without your knowledge and consent under binding legal provisions. In such cases OneBid always verifies the legality of the request prior to disclosing your data to the relevant authorities.

Data Management

Under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to:

  • grant or withdraw consent to:
    • process your contact details, i.e. email address in order to receive marketing information to your mailbox;
    • process your contact details, i.e. email address in order to receive notifications about the status of your orders to your mailbox;
    • process your contact details. i.e. phone number in order to receive text messages from OneBid with notifications about starting auctions.
  • object:
    • to have your data processed for direct marketing purposes, including creation of your customer profile;
    • to have your customer profile created for direct marketing purposes (we will not be able to use your data to build your customer profile for the purposes of direct marketing but will be able to send you marketing offers);
    • to have your personal data processed within the legally justified interests of OneBid due to your particular situation.
  • access your data including copies of information processed, also in electronic format.
  • amend (correct) your personal data, should we have inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • delete your data if it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected and OneBid has no longer grounds to process it.
  • transfer data made available to us in a machine readable format.
  • limit processing of your data in the following cases (when submitting an application form one of the cases below has to be indicated):
    • if you have objections to the correctness of your data;
    • if you think that we should not process your data, but at the same time you do not want us to delete it;
    • if we no longer need your personal information but you need it to pursue claims.

You can exercise your rights by sending a message through a contact form on our website. Within a month from receiving the instruction OneBid will inform you about actions undertaken in relation to your request. To fulfil your instruction, we are authorised to verify your identity so that your data is not accessed by unauthorised person.

Useful contact information

Data Protection Officer
You can send any inquires, comments and applications concerning your personal data to our Data Protection Officer at:

In order to exercise your rights, grant or withdraw consent and to lodge objections

  • change the settings of your account with respect to the reception of our notifications
  • write to the Data Protection Officer

Personal data protection supervisory authority
If you are not satisfied with the answers provided by us, you can file a complaint with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.


A natural person or a company opening a User account on OneBid website.

User Data
Information provided by you when opening a User account e.g. your name and surname, company name, Tax Identification Number, correspondence address, delivery address, phone number, email address, references from other Auction Houses.

Information about your User account
Information collected and processed after opening a User account including email address, customer segment, information about participation in auctions, items bought at auctions and those potentially of interest to you.

Internet Data
User ID, IP address, location, type of browser used, date and time of logging, bidding, information about offers made and limits set.

Data collected during browsing at OneBid webpages
Visited places and Users’ activity on websites administered by OneBid, including the starting time and time spent in the session, attributes of marketing campaigns, URL of the page with a link redirecting the User to a webpage in OneBid domains; technical information about the device (IP address, operational system and browser type, internet connection speed and display settings); information about the location of a portable device and of the internet browser used by the User; information provided by the User on internet websites or during interaction with social networking service website administered by OneBid such as information given in registration forms.

General Data Protection Regulation
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy comes into force on 17 May 2018. Due to the needs that may arise from the development of our services or regulatory changes, we are entitled to amend the Privacy Policy. New version of the Privacy Policy will be published on our website. Additionally, we will notify you about any changes that may affect the use of our services.