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Aukcja 60: Starożytne i światowe monety, medale i pieniądze papierowe

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21/04/2023 17:00 EEST/Tallinn
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Coins.ee is a company engaged in purchasing, selling and assessment of coins, medals and paper money as well as organizing auctions. Additionally, we offer coin certification and conservation services.

Only registered users can make bids at auctions on Coins.ee website. By registering as a user on Coins.ee website, you confirm that you have examined the conditions of the present user contract (hereinafter Terms of Use), approved the Terms of Use and undertake to observe the Terms of Use in the following: 

1. Scope and Interpretation of the Terms of Use
1.1. The Terms of Use apply to all legal relationships that are occurring in the usage of services offered on the Website and are valid between persons (hereinafter Clients) registered as users of website https://auctions.coins.ee (hereinafter Website) and the owner of the Website, Coins.ee OÜ.
1.2. Contact data of Coins.ee: Coins.ee OÜ, registry code 11970227
1.2.1. Means of communication: Tel: +372 5568 9857, +372 55 020 73, e-mail: [email protected]
1.3. The services (hereinafter Services) referred to in clause 1.1 of the Terms of Use mainly include, but are not limited to the possibility given for the Client to participate in auctions as a seller or a buyer, to buy the items on sale in Coins.ee e-shop as well as services listed on the Website (e.g. certification, conservation etc).
1.4. In addition to the present Terms of Use, the relationship between the Client and Coins.ee is regulated by valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia, the detailed Service conditions stated on the Website and good practices.
1.5. If any of the provisions of the present Terms of Use proves to be invalid due to incompatibilities with provisions of law, it does not affect the validity of other provisions.
1.6. The Website and the rights of its entire content belong to Coins.ee OÜ.

2. General Terms and Conditions of Services
2.1. Coins.ee offers its Clients a virtual environment, i.e. a Website where the Clients can make bids to buy items and use other Services.
2.2. Exchange of any notices and information between the Client and Coins.ee is performed electronically in the Terms of Use or by using the contact data indicated on the Website.
2.3. Creating a user account (becoming a Client).
2.3.1. Only a legal age physical person with active legal capacity may register as a user (Client) of the Website.
2.3.2. Registration is free of charge.
2.3.3. Coins.ee may reject the registration application for compelling reasons.
2.3.4. In order to become a registered user (Client), you must fill in the registration form.
2.3.5. Coins.ee user accounts are confidential and are not to be disclosed to third persons (except in cases provided by law).
2.3.6. The data presented upon registration will be transferred to Coins.ee client registry and is used to assure the quality of the services provided by Coins.ee or to forward advertisement information related to the services provided by Coins.ee. The mandatory fields are the following: first name, last name, password, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number.
2.3.7. By registration the Client gives Coins.ee his/her approval for using his/her personal data according to the provisions of the present Terms of Use.
2.4. The order placed for our e-shop items takes effect only after the sum of the order has been transferred to Coins.ee OÜ bank account.
2.4.1. Coins.ee starts to fill the Order after Coins.ee has received the full sum of the Order to its bank account, which is the moment when the contract between the Client and Coins.ee for purchasing the Product is deemed to be concluded.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Client
3.1. The Client is entitled to: 
3.1.1. upon agreement with Coins.ee, to inspect the items before the auction and examine their condition;
3.1.2. use Coins.ee environment pursuant to the Terms of Use and valid legislation, including placing orders via Coins.ee, receiving information, submitting inquiries, changing the data presented upon registration etc;
3.1.3. demand the closure of his/her user account by sending a respective notice to Coins.ee;
3.2. By making a bid the Client confirms that he/she is aware of the condition of the item to be purchased and the Client may not submit complaints about the condition of the item to Coins.ee after the auction.
3.3. The Client undertakes:
3.3.1. to submit completely truthful personal data when registering as a user of the Website, which includes registration under one’s true and full name and use of a valid e-mail address and phone number;
3.3.2. to use the Service only for purposes corresponding to law and good practices;
3.3.3. to buy the item after an auction, if the price offered by him/her was the highest, except in case the principal has determined a reference price for the item, under which the sales will not take place;
3.3.4. not to compile databases/lists of the users of the Website for any purposes whatsoever;
3.3.5. to keep the password and login details determined for the Website in a way that no third party would get hold of it;
3.3.6. to immediately inform Coins.ee via e-mail about any data and circumstances that have changed compared to those presented upon registration;
3.3.7. to immediately inform Coins.ee via e-mail about incidents where the password and/or username determined for Coins.ee Website is lost or third persons have taken hold of them.
3.4. By performing each procedure on the Website the Client confirms that:
3.4.1. he/she is at least an 18-year-old person with active legal capacity, who has a right to perform the transactions enabled on Coins.ee Website;
3.4.2. he/she properly fill all the obligations provided in the Terms of Use;
3.4.3. he/she is aware that making a purchase bid results in binding purchase obligation/contract and in case of non-performance the Client shall be fully liable for the damages caused by the violation of the obligations; 
3.4.4. When accepting these Terms of Use the Client and Coins.ee do not aim to create any other legal relationships than those explicitly stated in these Terms of Use;
3.4.5. he/she is aware of the circumstance that in case third persons get hold of the password and username determined for the usage of the Website, such third persons may take binding obligations on the name of the Client, whereas the Client is liable for the performance of such obligations and that Coins.ee does not have a further obligation to additionally check (i.e. after checking the username and password) the identity of the user of the Website;
3.4.6. he/she is aware of and accepts the fact that Coins.ee is entitled to process the Client's personal data according to valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia and clause 5 of the present Terms of Use.
3.5. If the Client has won any bids, he/she undertakes to pay for the obtained items, together with auction and delivery fees in 10 days since Coins.ee has issued an electronic invoice.
3.6. Coins.ee is entitled to demand a fine for delay of 0.2% of the outstanding sum per each delayed day. 
3.6.1. The Client is aware that Coins.ee is entitled to transfer or assign any collectable, but unpaid claims to a third person for proceedings. All costs related to such proceedings are borne by the Client.
3.7. The Client is aware that if he/she leaves the offered sum unpaid, he/she undertakes to compensate for all the losses occurred due to such violation, including damages caused to the seller by the fact that the seller would have got more money for the item if the person who violated the rules would not have made his/her bet.
3.8. If the Client violates the obligation of payment, which results in a withdrawal of the transaction, the Client undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 15% of the cost of the transaction, but not less than 100 €, which will be paid in addition to the compensation of damages.
3.9. The Client is responsible for all proceedings related to the delivery and transport of the purchased items, except in case of insured deliveries.
3.10. All costs related to the delivery and transport of the items are borne by the Client because the Client chooses the method of delivery.
3.11. The Client is responsible for the Orders placed in Coins.ee environment and the correctness of the data of the inquiries. 

4. Rights and Obligations of Coins.ee
4.1. Coins.ee issues an invoice for each sold item. Invoices will only be issued electronically to the e-mail address stated by the Client. An invoice is deemed delivered since the next working day after the date the invoice was sent.
4.2. Coins.ee gives a lifetime authenticity guarantee for all sold coins, medals and paper money, except for items certified by PCGS, NGC, PMG, ANACS, RNGA, HHP companies and items that have the opposite in the description. 
4.3. Upon the occurrence of circumstances that may hinder the sales of the items at auction, Coins.ee has a right to remove any such items from auctions.
4.4. At its discretion, Coins.ee is entitled to limit or cancel the Client’s rights to use the Website, including closing the Client’s user account and not enabling him/her to re-register as a Client, if the Client:
4.4.1. violates the Terms of Use or his/her obligations resulting from the Terms of Use, including late or partial payments;
4.4.2. acts contradictory to valid legislation;
4.4.3. has submitted false, misleading and/or incorrect information upon registration or when using the Website.
4.5. Coins.ee is entitled to observe the activities on the Website at any time, including the purchase bids made by the users of the Website. Coins.ee may perform investigations regarding all alleged violations of the Terms of Use by using any legitimate means.
4.6. Coins.ee is entitled to remove all bids from the Website made by the Client, provided that such bids do not correspond to the Terms of Use, good practice or valid legislation.
4.7. Coins.ee is entitled to send the Client personal commercial notices and other similar offers. The Client is entitled to reject such notices by notifying Coins.ee about it.
4.8. Coins.ee does not disclose the name of the seller to the buyer and vice versa.
4.9. Coins.ee retains the right to forward the Client’s data, provided that the data is forwarded to a person who processes data for reasons intended to fulfil legal obligations or to a person legally entitled for it. 
4.10. Coins.ee is not responsible for the correctness of the data inserted by the Client. 
4.11 Coins.ee is not responsible for any damages caused to the Client due to impossibility to use our e-environment for technical reasons, including a later delivery of ordered items. 

5. Personal Data and Usage of Personal Data
5.1.  Upon registration as a user on Coins.ee Website the Client gives his/her complete and unconditional approval to process his/her personal data in composition and for purposes provided in the General Terms and Conditions and to forward the data to third persons pursuant to instances and procedures provided in the General Terms and Conditions.
5.2. Coins.ee processes the following personal data of the Client that has been forwarded to Coins.ee for the purposes of the Contract or in any other way:
5.2.1. personal data (name);
5.2.2. contact data (telephone number, address, e-mail address);
5.2.3. data about the reliability of a person;
5.2.4. data about the origin of a coin.
5.3. Coins.ee processes the Client’s personal data for the following purposes:
5.3.1. to conclude, amend and complete the contract of purchase and sale or any other contract;
5.3.2. to offer, develop and personalize Coins.ee services;
5.3.3. to evaluate the reliability of the Client;
5.3.4. to reduce and prevent risks;
5.3.5. to perform legal obligations (e.g. forwarding data to investigation institutions);
5.3.6. to protect it's violated or contested rights (e.g forwarding the data to a lawyer representing Coins.ee or to court).
5.4. Coins.ee forwards the personal data of the Client: 
5.4.1. to persons related to the conclusion, amendment and completion of the contract of purchase and sale or any other contract (e.g. translation and postal service providers);
5.4.2. to a new creditor in case of transfer of claims;
5.4.3. to other third persons related to the necessity of Coins.ee to protect its legal rights.
5.5. The Client is entitled to: 
5.5.1. receive information form Coins.ee about his/her personal data and the purpose for which the data is being used and to request the amendment of incorrect data;
5.5.2. request Coins.ee to stop processing his/her personal data, if not otherwise provided by law.
5.6. The Client gives Coins.ee his/her approval for using his/her personal data according to the purposes and volume provided by present Terms of Use. The Client is entitled to withdraw the approval at any time, request the termination of the processing of the personal data and the deletion or closure of the collected personal data as well as the closure of his/her user account. The withdrawal of approval is without retrospective effect.

6. Changing the Terms of Use
6.1. Coins.ee is entitled to unilaterally make changes and amendments to the Terms of Use at any time, provided that the changes are related to the development and safer use of the Website and Services.
6.2. If the Client does not approve the new Terms of Use, he/she is entitled to immediately terminate the Contract by sending a written notice to Coins.ee.
6.3. Coins.ee undertakes to notify the Client about the changes and amendments in the Terms of Use by posting respective notices on the Website.
6.4. The changes and amendments in the Terms of Use take effect after the respective change or amendment has been published on the Website.
6.4. The Client approves the changed and amended Terms of Use by using the Services after the respective changes/amendments have taken effect.

7. Final Provisions
7.1. Legal relationships between the Client and Coins.ee OÜ that originates from the usage of the Website is subjected to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
7.2. The Terms of Use are valid after they have been accepted by the Client and during the validity of the legal relationships governed by the present Terms of Use. 
7.2.1. It is only possible to withdraw from the contract of purchase and sale if the items have been bought from Coins.ee e-shop. (The Client has a right to withdraw in 14 days since the reception of the purchased item).
7.3 Coins.ee has a right to refuse to withdraw the items and return the money, if the returned items have been damaged.

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